Kerblay (UK)

Contractors require access to their site at an early stage of construction. If pre-cast kerbs are laid to form roads at this stage, time and money are lost at a later date due to replacement of damaged kerbs so that local authorities may adopt roads. One method of overcoming the problem of kerb damage is to lay a ‘kerb race’.

The Kerblay technique of extruding a kerb race mechanically, with an upstand at the front to retain the road formation and a ‘key’ slot at the rear to retain the backing, is the most suitable shape, and it overcomes the expensive formwork otherwise required for this shape.

Kerblay (UK) extrude their kerb race to B.S.I. standards with an output of 500 linear metres per day. There are wider moulds for sites where kerbs and channel blocks are required.

Steve Barron - Responsible Director

Clive Stone - Commercial

Kerblay (UK) kerb race process

Kerblay (UK) carries out works throughout the UK and overseas.

Clients include:

  • Anderson Construction Ltd
  • Bridgebank Ltd
  • ECL Engineering Ltd
  • Field and Civil Engineering Ltd
  • Hollingsworth Bros
  • McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd
  • Paul John Construction Ltd
  • Trent Bridge Construction Ltd