Place concrete in areas with difficult access

Econopump, a small line trailer pump, provides an economical way to place concrete in areas with difficult access, or on smaller sites where a truck mounted boom pump may be prohibitively expensive.

The convenience of Econopump concrete pumping

Many construction sites, particularly basement excavations or high-density brownfield sites with difficult access. struggle with concrete laying. There may not be enough volume to justify a boom pump, or the spaces may be too small, or crane pumps may not have clearance for higher levels.

Save time and money and improve quality

Instead of resorting to days of wheelbarrow laying, Econopump enables you to use pumped concrete with a small lightweight 75mm hose giving you numerous advantages:

  • Pumps up to 15m’ per hour
  • Volume control regulates flow
  • Pumps up to 60m horizontally and 12m vertically
  • Lightweight hoses are easy to use in tight spaces
  • More economical than labour-intensive shifting
  • Can be supplied with an operator
  • Can be supplied with optimum concrete mix.

From basement excavations to swimming pools, extensions and tight spaces (under staircases for example), Econopump can save you time and money and improve the overall consistency of your slab.